VGAP-801 Universal Antifreeze Add Pak Precharged, High-Nitrite (no dye)

  • UPC Code: ADD.065.1275.017

Product Details:

VGAP-801 is a superior, fully-formulated antifreeze package that features a low-silicate, phosphate-free formula to provide trouble-free service in any vehicle. It is blended into pure glycol at 2.2 vol% to produce finished antifreeze coolant concentrate. An additional 2.0% water may be added to reduce product cost. VGAP-801 fully-formulated antifreeze coolant is designed to provide superior protection for heavy-duty diesel cooling systems and, having the advantages of low total dissolved solids and low silicate, incorporates nitrite to provide superior wet sleeve liner cavitation protection. Since VGAP-801 is pre-charged with a high quality SCA, there is no need to add additional SCA’s at initial fill or when topping off. The inhibitor system in VGAP-801 is designed to last for the life of the engine, when properly maintained with a high quality SCA. VGAP-801 meets the performance requirements of all major automotive specifications for conventional coolant, allowing operators of mixed fleets to stock one antifreeze for all their vehicles, simplifying fleet maintenance procedures. This time-tested chemistry has been the inhibitor system of choice in OEM and aftermarket heavy-duty coolants for twenty years.