VGAP-800 Virgin Glycol Heavy-Duty Precharged High-Nitrite Antifreeze Add Pak (no dye)

  • UPC Code: ADD.100.1275

Product Details:

VGAP-800 is a fully-formulated virgin glycol Add Pak precharged with high levels of nitrite for heavy-duty industrial use. This inhibitor package contains a minimum of 2400 ppm nitrite, meeting ASTM D 6210. VGAP-800 is a non phosphate, non-nitrate, non-molybdate, one-part inhibitor package. In addition, it contains additives to minimize hot surface scaling while also preventing heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage. VGAP-800 can be used effectively with either virgin ethylene or propylene glycol. It can also be used with high-quality reclaimed glycol from distillation units, reverse-osmosis membranes, or most flocculation/filtration systems. Additives Plus recommends that all non-virgin glycol be analyzed to ensure glycol quality.