• Quantity Per Pallet: 4
  • Length: 22.75
  • Width: 22.75
  • Height: 34.75

Product Details:

Super S Cotton Picker Spindle Cleaner is superior to soap and water for cleaning spindles. It is a top quality product based upon the time-tested formulation specifi cally developed for cleaning modern cotton picker spindles to help reduce down time, service, and provide a higher yield of cleaner cotton. Super S Cotton Picker Spindle Cleaner is a water soluble oil-based liquid that mixes well with water of any hardness. It applies a protective fi lm as it washes the spindle, cleaning dirt, plant materials, and other foreign contaminates from cotton picker spindles and components. It guards against wear, pitting, rust, corrosion and oxidation, keeps moisture pads from drying out and hardening, and helps to keep doff ers in good condition. It’s compatible with spindle grease, so it won’t wash spindle grease out of the critical areas it’s lubricating, but will still coat those parts to protect them.